What makes Atomic Apostle special is a wondrous sophisticated musical experience, perfectly performed by artists who know their craft and sprinkle their songs with loving joy.”

— Nick Baldrain - Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine, 2016

Project Name

Atomic Apostle is a Progressive Christian rock band out of Fort Worth, Texas.  Styles range from subtle ballads to hard crunching rock and everything in between. Music that is embraced by churches (Full Armor Church in Decatur, Texas, Ignite the Light in Brownswood, Texas and Sheppards House of Rock in Midlothian, Texas) and festivals (Biker Bash in Decatur, Texas)  alike!  The band, started in 1999, has a history of great music and musicians.  Currently,  the band consist of.....

Brian Fleming - Keyboards, Percussion

Jim Comfort - Drums, Lead Vocals, Percussion

Dean Bullock - Bass, Percussion, Vocals

Joe Love - Guitar, Vocals




Biker Bash 2017

Biker Bash 2017

Sample Track

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