Hello Atomic Fans!   Wanting to let everyone know a few
of the things happening.  Things are really ramping up for
for our 2019 year.  We truly hope to see you as we are
out and about throughout the Texas region!

Things have been pretty busy with some of the things we are trying to
put together here in Texas.  Mannafest 2019 in Moore, TX.  Preparing for a video shoot.  Thinking about a greatest hits album, etc. 
And some other exciting things that we will keep you up to date  on. 


Our album "The Approaching Storm" has a write up in a magazine out of the UK called Fireworks! Here is a small part of the article....
"The album is simply a listening pleasure, it’s a Gospel led melodic rock album with all points in between, lots of groove, smoldering guitar leads, towering vocals which on a couple of songs are swapped between male and female vocals."
If you would like to purchase the magazine, here is the link. Issue 74 is on sale now. You will get the magazine and the CD where one of our songs, "Seeing the Light" is listed. The album write up is on a PDF file on the CD. Here is the link

Lets meet the band!  Atomic Apostle has been
together since 1999.  We have had a few line-up
changes, and think we have a pretty good
group of people that are
committed to the ministry.

The Players

Brian Fleming - Keyboards
                                                                                                                                                                          Jim Comfort - Drums, Lead Vocals










Dean Bullock - Bass, Percussion, Vocals    

Joe Love - Guitars, Vocals


If you check the Players and Stuff in the menu
area, you can see a little more detail
about each one of us!  We have each
been through a long road
to get us where we are now and
appreciate being able to bring
the Lords work to you.

We are now on the verge of releasing 5 new
songs through CDBaby.  The first one,
"There's Always Time for Love"
has been released!  You can go to CDBaby
and purchase this song now.
"There's Always Time for Love"
This song is also available on your
streaming services and available
on iTunes for purchase!

  Our 3rd album, "The Approaching Storm" is also available on all
the digital sites (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify)
and physical CD sales!  There is also a way to purchase it from CDBaby. 

You may also navigate to our Merch page!
  We now have a way for you to purchase
our CD's, T-shirts, ect
from the web site!  We are
registered with PayPal to make buying easy!

Don't forget that if you are not part of our Atomic Team,
scroll down and click the link to sign up!
  Some great info and pictures on our
site that we'll let you know about when
things change!  Also, don't forget to like us
on our
FaceBook page! and
search for us and follow us on Twitter!!

Brother Robert Avara has been a big fan of Atomic Apostle and always plays our

album on his weekly show, "Doing Time with Brother Rob".

Catch his show every Sunday on KNTX 1410 AM

Also, hear him online at

"Then David and all Israel played music before God with all their might, with singing, on harps, on stringed instruments, on tambourines, on cymbals, and with trumpets"
1 Chronicles 13:8

Atomic Apostle's 3rd album, Trinity, on sale now from Tate Music Group!

Click on the link here to order your copy today!


Atomic Apostle has finally made it to Youtube.

The song "Timeless" was written in celebration to our Mothers!! This slide show is of
mothers that have made a difference in our lives!!

We have also "Apostlized" the lovely classic, Amazing Grace!  This video
was recorded at a show in Garland TX!  Let us know what you think!

Atomic Apostle's Amazing Grace



Lets Hear From You

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WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!! We are getting hits from all over the world and we want to hear what you have to say about WHATEVER is on your mind! Tell us where you are from and how the Lord has affected your life! Or post some questions and get some answers from all over the world! Let us hear from you!

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