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 No One To Blame
You’ve heard it all before,
What God has done for you,
Sent His only Son,
To help you start brand new,

But you wouldn’t listen,
You had to go on with what you were doing,
Now it is too late,
The sands of time are what you’re missing,
I’m sorry, friend, for you,
You made the choice to passed the offer,
And now you find you’ll burn,
Forever will you bear the torture,

(You) Run the streets of hell,
You’ve got no one to blame no, no,
Run the streets of hell,
You’ve got no one to blame,
Cause you didn’t listen,

   This is an 'In Your Face' song no doubt. But is not about damnation but about forgiveness!
   Written by Brian Fleming, the words are really very self-explanatory but they also have a very specific meaning to christians.
   A lot of christian music talks about the wonder and glory of our God, and rightfully so! He is all those things and then some! But along with that mission to spread the wonderful word of God comes the responsibility to talk about the consequences of not knowing Him.
   Now, not "knowing Him" isn't just about knowing who Jesus is and accepting Him as your savior. It is a little deeper than that. Knowing Christ is to try to live our lives as He would want us to.
   There are inherent truths in every culture and every civilization in our universe. We know it is wrong to murder, steal ... every society has these laws. These are His Commandments to us. Simple rules, I think, to live a good life and reap the reward of eternal life with our Lord! Don't follow the laws of man and you get arrested, jailed, and punished. Someone who turns their face away from His grace will be punished.
   The truth is that all it takes is to tell Him you love Him and that you are truly sorry then all will be forgiven!
   Recently,  my two year old son was playing around in my office when he knows he's not supposed to. He accidentally broke my calculator. He brought the calculator to me, with his bottom lip sticking out, a little tear running down his face and said to me " I sowy, daddy." I picked him up and gave him a big hug, my heart filled with happiness that he was my child. Myself nearly in tears, I said, "It's okay. Daddy loves you." and didn't feel a bit of anger.
   This is the love that our Father has for us if we just turn to Him and say, "I'm sorry, daddy." He'll pick us up, hug us, and say to us "It's okay. I love you" ...with no anger.

God Bless
Atomic Apostle

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